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It’s done! Mirinsoft has been rebranded to Builtbybel 🌠✨💥

It was a difficult decision. When a business rebrands itself, it changes the way it presents itself to the public through every channel (not just the website). 

Basically there was nothing wrong with Mirinsoft. Everything went well.

The users knew "us". If we now make a "me" out of "us" we might discover the problem. The whole projects are a one-man-show. And the new figurehead Builtbybel (the man behind it is Belim) is my more personal answer to that. 

There is no multimillion company behind it. It started as a hobby and will probably end like this sometime (in the far future). 

Apart from the name, nothing else changes. I will certainly come up with other helpful applications. 

All social media channels have already been rebranded. The only channels I maintain are 

Mirinsoft is still available as an domain alias and all connections are redirected to builtbybel.comSo don't be surprised :)

Enjoy the weekend and if you are bored, try the new Bloatbox app.

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