Perform a quick privacy and security check of your Windows 10 copy with Privatezilla

Ready for Windows 10, version 2009!? Privatezilla can help!

Analyse privacy & security leaks on Windows 10

Check Windows 10 privacy settings and block telemetry and online features, which send your data (sensitive and not) to Microsoft

Debloat Windows 10

Remove Windows 10’s Built-in and sponsered Apps with just a click

Constructed as Windows Group Policy Editor

Active settings are marked with the status "Configured" and indicates that your privacy is protected. The inactive ones are declared as "Not configured".

PowerShell scripting

Supports advanced community rules based upon an integrated PowerShell scripting engine

Well designed

The most leightweight and simple app available on market

It's portable

Small footprint. No installation required

It's open source

Licensed under the MIT License

Localization support

If you want to translate Privatezilla to your native language, please check the guidelines here

Vital statistics

Optional scripts

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