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It’s Here! Announcing the launch of new Mirinsoft website

Ops, I did it again!
If you're a frequent visitor of my website, you'll notice that yes, the Mirinsoft website looks completely different... again.

I'm not afraid to fail (... anymore and you shouldn't too), so I redesigned it again.

The last redesign of Mirinsoft took place in Septemeber 2018, and since then, products like CloneApp had matured.

This was followed by CloneApp UA. Both have been downloaded over 3M times on Mirinsoft. Eary last year Cleanmgr+ was introduced.
Now already with over 1M downloads. At the end of the year Roboget followed and at Christmas 2019 finally Debotnet.

My focus lies currently on Debotnet.
You should know that German's (I am originally from Bosnia like the dev of IrfanView) don't mess with Privacy. Windows 10 is a great OS and I really like it and I am trying my best to make it as usable as possible.

Back to the website! I started with the Material design last year but discarded it again. It just didn't fit to the Windows apps
So I started over again. My goal was to simplify the design so that users could get to information they wanted right away and it should also match the look of the applications.
The new Mirinsoft site has less pages, less menus, clearer and even bigger fonts, a new logo and is more connected to GitHub.

On the right side here in the blog you will also find the old website. It is still accessible via sooner or later, it will be closed.

I'm satisfied with it from the get-go and excited to see the new site in action. Hope you are too.

The following services and domains will be canceled:

  • ( remains the main business and head)
  • (the old website is still reachable under This will also be canceld, sooner or later)
  • (will be abandoned in second quarter of 2020)
  • (I will no longer use the facebook services, neither private nor business. This has been a dead platform for me for a long time)
  • twitter/Roboget (still online, will be canceled the next days. You will always reach us under
  • twitter/CleanmgrPlus (still online, will also be abandoned this year. If you are following us here, please switch to
  • twitter/CloneApp (still online and will remain online this year. Please follow us on if you are a follower of CloneApp)

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