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Spydish becomes Privatezilla and open source

I have received dozens of requests for source code release of Spydish.

The small tool (at that time only my private little helper) enjoyed great popularity after public release 3 months ago.

The only problem, it was never intended by me as open source. But since I was overwhelmed with requests for releasing the source, I don't want to fight against it anymore and I agree with you.

A privacy tool deserves exactly this transparency! I owe it to every Windows 10 user.

Since I don't want to disclose some parts of my code (I use them in internal projects), I have removed some features I'm not going to open source and rebuilt in the last few weeks the core and partly adapted it to another open source project (more on GitHub). I have too many irons in the fire and thus it is guaranteed that the development never ends. But I keep going!

The new open source project also deserves a new name. Something that almost screams open source is the term "zilla". Numerous successful open source projects bear this word in their names, e.g. FileZilla, Clonezilla and also Mozilla ;)

You know how that story goes. So, this is the new Privatezilla! I think this might be the first open source project of its kind.

The differences to the old Spydish project are purely technical. Optically and from the features, nothing changes. Spydish was provided as x86-bit and native x64-bit version. This is no longer necessary. Privatezilla will choose the CPU architecture according to your OS. If you have a 32bit OS the app will run in 32bit mode, If you have a 64bit OS Privatezilla will run in 64bit mode.

Thank you all for the support.

Enjoy the weekend and if you are bored, try the new Patchfluent app.

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