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A tool to pimp your Windows, privacy and apps ⭐️

[UPDATE 20/April] Beta release online!

Working on a new app currently running under the Codename PimpApp (Name change: SharpApp!). It will be an optimizer of the reasonable sort and not another TUNEUP, CLEANER, OPTIMIZER (I hate this) utility!

It will be a next generation Debotnet (as its written i a new programming language and there are plans to push it to MS store too) completely rewritten from scratch, but it will not turn into a copy. It accesses again the topic privacy and security as Debotnet. But it will be a much simpler version and for the avarage user. People get confused by the number of choices of privacy tweaks, scripts and apps.  After a fresh windows installation, you will be only 3 steps away from a clean and more reliable Windows installation. 

More information can be found here


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