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The SharpApp stable is out✨

SharpApp (#app) is now out in a stable code base.  It was a hectic time. SharpApp was released ten days ago (at that time under the name PimpApp <> to pimp up) Everyone liked the app, "nobody" the name. I've started a poll to ask how well the old name work and according to the results of the poll it does not workThe name was changed.

SharpApp (#app) was born!

Besides SharpApp there is also another app from me called Debotnet. I will concentrate more on the first application (even if Debotnet is still maintained but sooner or later it could be replaced by #app) . Debotnet is, as things stand, somewhat more mature (currently) than SharpApp as it provides more advanced scripting files (it has its own scripting engine) But the most important and basic privacy rules have already been migrated as PowerShell scripts to SharpApp (to a Beginners template named "basicPrivacyTemplate") Advanced scripting can also be added to SharpApp by simply installing the Advanced or Professionals template or creating own scripting rules. As SharpApp is building upon a PowerShell engine every possible Windows task can be automated in a #App GUI. I think, this is the right move as PowerShell is part of the new Windows (10 or 20 or ..) era and it makes the development of SharpApp and the scripting files so much easier.

Here is an Intro of SharpApp in action (clip from yesterday's pre-release)

So the first stable in its basic functions is online and can be used by anyone. I will provide further updates over the next days but at a normal pace.

Thanks again for all the (good and bad) feedback and stay healthy.

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