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Ready for Windows 10, version 2004!? The new Spydish app can help!

The Spydish app is the simplest way to perform a quick privacy check and set the recommended settings. Next to this it allows you also to debloat Windows 10.

Spydish works completely different than SharpApp.

It integrates the most important Windows 10 privacy policies and allows you to quickly perform a privacy check against these policies. Active policies are marked with the status "Configured" as in the Group Policy Editor and indicates that your privacy is protected. The inactive ones are declared as "Not configured". All available policies (currently 50) can be enabled as well as disabled.

The app was meant as a pure private project (as i've only used it in the enterprise segment) but now I do not want to withhold it from you.

You have nothing to worry about the development of SharpApp. It will continue! But some may find the way how Spydish do it even more comfortable and helpful.

The project is reduced to the most necessary. Namely, choosing the right privacy settings and quickly debloatig Windows 10 from pre-installed apps.
You won't find the dynamic features of SharpApp (e.g. PowerShell scripting, built-in Windows Package Manager support etc.) here, but you won't also find a lighter app to protect and debloat your Windows 10 copy.

Give the first public release (beta) a try. You decide whether it goes on or ends up back in my private drawer ;)

Spydish in action

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Update,  Stable release already available!

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Spydish (from this site) | Spydish (from GitHub)

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