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Try the new ThisIsWin11 app and get some PowerToys for Windows 11

I have started a new project with ThisIsWin11 two weeks ago which was dedicated exclusively to getting to know Windows 11. The app has left yesterday the preview status and is now slowly expanded as a practical all-rounder for Windows 11.

The app currently offers five modules:

  • Presenter: The start screen guides you through an pictured introduction to the new operating system Windows 11 and allows you quickly to configure it.
  • PumpedApp: This module allows you checking and optimizing Windows 11 configuration among other things (all changes made can also be undone)
  • Kickassbloat will help you removing pre-installed Windows 11 apps
  • Packages is there for you to quickly install one or the other app
  • TeamTweak allows you automating several Windows 11 tasks based on PowerShell and community scripts.

If you know my previous apps for Windows 10 (Privatezilla, Bloatbox etc.) then you will see that ThisIsWin11 app combines the best of these apps under one interface. If you're already running Windows 11, why not give it a try.

Just head over to the Github page and download the ThisIsWin11 app. It is completely transparent and open source.

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