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Restyling ThisIsWin11?

Although it’s easy to change and to update an app, for some it seems to be a challenging task to restyle an app substantially. Obviously there's personal preference and all that, but I was wondering about changing the UI of ThisIsWin11 and make it look like the Wizard of the Windows 11 Get Started app.

Update from Dec 23, 2021: The new ThisIsWin11 Navigation bar sucks

So what is Wizard? A wizard is a setup assistant that guides the user through a series of steps or conditions that must be completed in order to achieve a goal. In this case, to finish setting up Windows 11 in five or six steps. Open it, click through, close it...

An app redesign could be a bit controversial. There are for sure no critical reasons for redesigning ThisIsWin11, i.e. functionality of the application, its loading time etc. 

Still, the first thing a user pays attention to when launching an app is what it looks like and i think we could make it even simpler. I am a minimalist in all aspects and we could make even something nicer and simpler for beginners, for the newcomer in Windows 11 and at the same time with the same power and simplicity for experienced users.

Here the envisaged design of the Windows 11 Get Started app:

Here the current design:

UPDATE 21 Dec 2021

Here the new design rolled out with version 1.0 of TIW11.

I do not want to make this decision without you this time either and so feel free to vote again.

Which UI design do you prefer?
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