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Hate Windows 11? Try the new LoveWindowsAgain app and learn to love it again!

Hate Windows 11? Try the new LoveWindowsAgain app and learn to love it again!

I have started a new project with LoveWindowsAgain App a few weeks ago. The app has left now the preview status and is now slowly expanded as a practical all-rounder for Windows 11.

Like many things in life, Windows 11 is a mixed bag. It sure does look nice and I haven't been so pleased with UI design language since Windows 7's Aero. It is full of interesting features, but you’ll probably never utilize many of them. For example, the frustrating and truncated context menus, then the stuff in the taskbar you never use such as the Widgets feature (at the current stage), the Search, Chat and Task view icons etc., the start menu is essentially gone, the XPS Documents Writer and Fax Printer are some of that OS less essential features. So, why not disable these Windows 11 components you don’t need?

Some of you know my most comprehensive tool in this direction - namely the ThisIsWin11 tools - But unlike the mentioned app, LoveWindowsAgain (you can also call me LoWaApp) will adress ONLY unnecessary Windows 11 features and try to fix them with minimal effort.

It is the easiest and fastest app of its kind to set numerous settings with just one click.

Just head over to the Github page and download the LoveWindowsAgain app. It is completely transparent and open source.

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