Windows 11 has a gazillion toggles and settings options. And general users don’t know where to find most of these features, what to make of them, and which setting to enable or disable. BloatyNosy streamlines and houses all the essential settings under one app and allows you to disable and remove unnecessary features with just a simple click.

It comes with a few modules that will be expanded over time, similar to ThisIsWin11BloatyNosy may also replace the ThisIsWin11 app sooner or later and serve as a universal app debloater.

BloatyNosy (Bloaty 'n Nosy, Bloaty & Nosy)  "BloatyNosy" is a play on the terms "bloatware" and "nosy" (intrusive or prying)

BloatyNosy is the Next Gen-Debloat App for Windows 11 and may also replace the ThisIsWin11 app sooner or later and serve as a universal app debloater.

  • Via the link in the lower right corner "I want to set up Windows 11 for the first time", you can call a Windows 11 Setup/Assistant and customize your system step by step and debloat it.
  • You can skip the assistant and let the app module on the main page handle the analysis entirely. It will check and fix a tons of unnecessary components and creating a debloated Windows 11.
  • It features a BloatFinder app, which allows you to remove pre-installed apps automatically or the manual way.
  • The WinModder app allows you to apply code snippets based on PowerShell and community scripts.
  • Next to this the app installer InstaPackage is integrated, which allows you to install some of the most important apps with a click and in bulk.

ThisIsWin11 will continue to be maintained but I could imagine giving also the best features of ThisIsWin11 to the new BloatyNosy app. At the latest with Windows 12, the ThisIsWin11 app would also be retired.


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  • Download Mods for BloatyNosy WinModder (Extract to BloatyNosy working directory or use the internal WinModder Marketplace for installing new mod files). The embedded WinModder app in BloatyNosy allows you to customize Windows 11 as well as upgrade BloatyNosy itself.

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New! BloatyNosy is the Next Gen-Debloat App Belim