Before the development of LoveWindowsAgain app had really started, it was over again.

I had little time for further development in the last months and ThisIsWin11 was given second-rate treatment as well. The LoveWindowsAgain app should simplify many things and make them faster and more convenient.  In the future, I will limit the development of my three, four debloating apps (Privatezilla and Bloatbox for Windows 10 and ThisIsWin11 for Windows 11) and focus entirely on one of them.

This is where i would like to start again, and preferably with a somewhat more catchy name. 

The Debloos (Debloat OS) app is born.

Debloos - Debloat OS implies that the app will help users remove unnecessary files and improve performance, which is in line with the purpose of a debloating app.

ThisIsWin11 will continue to be maintained but I could imagine giving also the best features of ThisIsWin11 to the new Debloos app. At the latest with Windows 12, the ThisIsWin11 app would also be retired.

The Debloos app is built on the same code and GUI as the discontinued LoveWindowsAgain app. Nothing will change here for the time being but new features will be added and improved.

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