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About this app

ThisIsWin11 lets you customize Windows 11 all in one place. It is slowly expanded as a practical all-rounder for Windows 11 replacing some discontinued PowerToys components and adding additional ones.

Included components

  • GetStarted ThisIsWin11 is starting off with a helpful introduction to what you can find in Windows 11. This component extends Microsoft's Get Started app.
  • OpenTweaks allows it to customize the more obscure settings of Windows 11 system's UI. It replaces Microsoft PowerToys TweakUI (available from Windows 95 - Windows XP) which was no longer integrated into the relaunched PowerToys as of Windows 10.
  • PumpedApp makes it possible to remove unwanted features and apps from Windows 11 such as the Camera and Alarm apps, and other preinstalled bloat that you can live without.
  • Packages powered by Windows Package Manager allows you to create your own custom install packages.
  • PowerUI allows you applying automation capabilities based on PowerShell and community scripts.
  • Extensions allows you creating custom tweaks

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About this app

Like many things in life, Windows 11 is a mixed bag. It sure does look nice and I haven't been so pleased with UI design language since Windows 7's Aero. It is full of interesting features, but you’ll probably never utilize many of them. For example, the frustrating and truncated context menus, then the stuff in the taskbar you never use such as the Widgets feature (at the current stage), the Search, Chat and Task view icons etc., the start menu is essentially gone, the XPS Documents Writer and Fax Printer are some of that OS less essential features. So, why not disable these Windows 11 components you don’t need?

Some of you know my most comprehensive tool in this direction - namely the ThisIsWin11 tools - But unlike the mentioned app, LoveWindowsAgain (you can also call me LoWaApp) will adress ONLY unnecessary Windows 11 features and try to fix them with minimal effort.

It is the easiest and fastest app of its kind to set numerous settings with just one click.

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About this app

Privatezilla integrates the most critical Windows 10 privacy settings and allows you to quickly perform a privacy check against these settings. Active settings are marked with the status "Configured" and indicates that your privacy is protected. The inactive ones are declared as "Not configured". All available settings (currently 60) can be enabled as well as disabled.

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About this app

Microsoft will be soon removing the Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) from Windows 10 PCs. It is a Windows system tool which lets you delete the unwanted files cluttered in your PC thereby freeing some space on your disk drive. Disk Cleanup isn’t going away immediately but is on its way out the door. Microsoft says it will keep the utility around for compatibility reasons.

Whatever version of Windows you’re using, Disk Cleanup has always worked the same way. Right-click a drive, select “Properties,” and then click the “Disk Cleanup” button to launch it. It still works the same way on Windows 10 today. You can also just launch it from the Start menu or run the cleanmgr.exe program.

When Microsoft says Disk Cleanup is “deprecated” starting with the October 2018 update, that means it’s been replaced by a new tool. Windows 10 version 1803 new build came up with the Storage Sense functionality earlier this year and it works more or less same as the Disk Cleanup Tool.

The downside of Storage Sense is the massive UI. This size is why I decided to make Cleanmgr+ to circumvent that massive UI of Storage Sense but still provide a utility that is true to the original.

Cleanmgr+ comes with better and modern UI when compared to the current Disk Cleanup and with an additional feature set (hence the +), such as the feeding with Custom scripts, i.e., to clean a Browser cache, etc.

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About this app

To determine if your current PC will be able to run Windows 11, you can check out this list of system specifications on Microsoft's website, or use its PC Health Check app. Unfortunately Microsoft removed temporarily this key tool people were using to see if they could update. This is where my replacement ReadySunValley app comes in.

Next to this it also features options for

  • Generating a detailed report why your PC isn't supported
  • Bypassing TPM/Secure boot restrictions
  • Comparing your results with Microsoft requirements
  • Grabbing a screenshot to directly share your results on social media!

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About this app

Tweak UIX will be my first attempt to recreate a part of the classic at that time ubiquitous Tweak UI app featuring the classic look.

Tweak UI was part of Windows XP PowerToys and one of the most known Windows PowerToys to tweak the User Interface (UI). With this tool you are able to change settings, which aren't reachable within Windows. Since the release of Windows 95, Microsoft has made available a set of "PowerToys", which is a suite of extra little utilities that Microsoft feels power users would appreciate. Now, after about 25 years, Microsoft has resurrected PowerToys for Windows 10 and Windows 11. But my favorite tool is still missing...

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Current job

Currently working for the government in the IT department, managing the infrastructure and creating programs to make our lives easier

Some mentions

Some of my work was mentioned here.

  • The Best Windows 11 Utilities to Install
  • How To Remove Bloatware From Your Windows 11 PC
  • 5 best Windows 11 utilities to get more out of your PC
  • builtbybel has created a new tool called "ThisIsWin11" (TIW11) and according to the dev, the new software is somewhat like a one-stop-shop for personalizing your Windows 11 experience.
  • ThisIsWin11 is "the real PowerToys for Windows 11"

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    8-22-2022: ThisIsWin11 passes 1 million downloads. Get latest release 1.3.0 on GitHub

    8-22-2022: Try my new LoveWindowsAgain app for Windows 11. Read more...

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