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Stable release of new Spydish app is out❗

I've published my private project Spydish (public code name) a week ago, because i thought you might find it helpful.

I wasn't wrong! The feedback was immense and I had not imagined it like that. I didn't want to shut down the project again (even though I wanted to because of the similar project SharpApp, but this pursues a different path).

I have now put the finishing touches on Spydish and released it as a stable version.

Should some Antivirus solutions flag Spydish as Malicious, so don't worry it is a false positive. The project is just one week old and we all know that heuristics are buggy and especially the big ones (Google, Microsoft) sometimes don't like that we want to disable some of their core functions.

Should Microsoft read this here by chance, I would like to say only the following. This app is not Evil. It doesn't do much more than the Windows 10 operating system itself allows. All settings done by Spydish can be set in the various Windows 10 Settings app panels and Group policy editor and others in the registry (as GPO Editor ist not available for Windows 10 Home users).

Spydish tries to put this little mess into a small, clear GUI so that everybody can find every setting and check it for correctness. Not everybody uses Bing and Cortana and the sponsored, modern apps. Not everyone wants to see suggested content or wants to send its activity history and hard- and software information to you. If you would provide all this information as clearly as Spydish and simliar apps do, our apps wouldn't exist. Nevertheless I wanted to help you! So please do not get angry and flag it as malicious. 

The team of Majorgeeks has created a short introduction video of Spydish.

You can watch it here

Release notes of this stable release can be viewed here

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Spydish (from this site) | Spydish (from GitHub)

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