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Bloatbox supports now PowerShell scripting with presets for reinstalling all built-in apps and many more ☑️

The latest release 0.14 of Bloatbox adds support for optional PowerShell scripting files.

My just two weeks old and open source Bloatbox app gets a powerful but optional function. I have expanded Bloatbox in a very simple way. In order not to blow up the application unnecessarily, I have now added the possibility to run PowerShell scripts directly from Bloatbox.

These new scripting module features community powered and trending script files.

In the first step it brings some important extensions:

  • Reinstall of all built-in apps
  • Removal of specific pre-installed apps
  • Uninstall of OneDrive
  • Unpinning Startmenu tiles
  • Disable of Windows Defender (NOT recommended! I can highly recommend using Windows Defender on consumer versions of Windows 10)
  • Disable of some basic telemetry services

Intro of PowerShell scripting module

Next to this a new Marketplace has been opened on GitHub where we will collect more scripts and everybody can customize and extend his Bloatbox to his own wishes. 

You will find a simple instruction how to enable this feature here

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Bloatbox (from GitHub)

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