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ThisIsWin11! Yes or No for changing the appname?

The open source ThisIsWin11 tools enjoy great popularity and continues to grow. In the initial phase, the tool was only supposed to introduce the new Windows 11 operating system.

This is also how the name for the application came about. The app was continuously developed and pumped with new features/modules. It currently combines six modules under one surface and i'm currently struggling with the app name. Somehow it no longer fits the concept of the application (maybe its just my opinion)

As a counterpart to Microsoft's productivity collection - the PowerToys - I think that these little Windows 11 helpers deserve a more powerful name.

I'm just starting a poll and would like to know what you think.

Should we change the name? You are also welcome to suggest names in the poll.

Should we change the appname of ThisIsWin11? (2 votes allowed)
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