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The new ThisIsWin11 Navigation bar sucks

The restlying of ThisIsWin11 (started on Dec 14, 2021) divides the minds.

In the last seven days I can hardly save myself from mails (as of today, 131+ Please DO NOT mail me and use GitHub for Discussions) and requests around the new design. There were also some really positive ones, but the major part aims at "The UI is fresh but not familiar anymore".

The update was deployed to just over ~4000 users via the update function. As the voting has not yet ended, it will not be officially rolled out. The move of the navigation bar to the bottom area is the focal point for criticism. People ask me why it is centered? Because of the centered dock of MacOS and Windows 11? Why is it numbered? Yes, that's the single biggest visual and interface change you're going to see on day one.

It's all about "Oversimplification". Maybe its like to much of a good thing as many mails that reach me draw parallels to the Microsoft dilemma and the Start menu of Windows 11.

As this change has been relatively criticized by the community, I'm listening to the community.
I've tweaked the navigation bar again and moved it back to the left area of the Main window. You can update to the version manually in a few minutes.

The voting continues and you can now also vote for this new and optimized UI (3). If all the criticism is justified, this optimized design should now clearly win.

1. Here the latest stable design:

2. Here the new criticized design rolled out with version 1.0 of TIW11 (Navigation bar at the bottom)

3. Here the new design with a once again revised navigation bar

 Btw, the title of this article was commited by a very nice user of TIW11 ;)

Which UI design do you prefer?
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