As the name says Bloatbox allows you to uninstall built-in and sponsered Windows 10 apps.

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system ships with numerous integrated applications. Some of these are app-versions of popular Windows tools, others offer new functionality and the most of them comes sposered by the manufacturer or disguised as ads to get you into buying apps and services you probably don't need or want.

Bloatbox was intended as a small extension for Privatezilla to uninstall specific apps. To avoid adding bloat to Privatezilla, I decided to offer it as standalone program that you may download and run independently.

The app is in its function reduced to the basics, but it is tiny and portable and can assists you in removing Windows Apps including hidden system apps.

Bloatbox requires Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Choose one of the download links below

Bloatbox (from this site) | Bloatbox (from GitHub)

Optional downloads

Advanced Community Package | Marketplace for custom scripts

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