SharpApp is a free and portable tool building upon a PowerShell engine and community powered script files for disabling telemetry functions in Windows 10, uninstalling preinstalled apps, installing software packages and automating Windows tasks with integrated PowerShell scripting.

“Each major Windows 10 update resets your privacy settings to default.”

Windows 10 has long come under attack for its approach to user privacy. The major issue leveled at Windows 10 concerns data collection. If Windows 10 privacy settings do concern you, you’re in for a long battle. There a numerous tools out there for controlling Windows 10's many privacy-related settings. People get confused by the number of choices of privacy tweaks, scripts and apps.

SharpApp is a frontend to various PowerShell scripts that will automate the process of uninstalling preinstalled apps (debloating), disabling various Windows 10 telemetry features, and quickly installing a variety of useful applications.

The key features of SharpApp

  • Integrated "Modern Policy Editor" (equivalent to Local Group Policy Editor) based upon Powershell objects (individual and bundled scripts/templates)
  • Provides privacy templates for beginners, advanced and professionals.
  • Builds upon a PowerShell engine, which is transparent for everyone
  • Removes Windows 10 preinstalled and sponsored apps
  • Blocks IP adresses of telemetry via hosts file and firewall
  • Features community powered and trending script files (check also the Marketplace)
  • Customizible (no hard-coded scripts)
  • Support for Windows Package Manage, which allows you to download and install more than 250 popular apps for Windows.
  • Modern and familiar UI
  • Minimalistic (UWP alike)
  • Small footprint. No installation required (Portable)
  • Easy to use
  • 100% free

SharpApp requires Windows 10 including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Choose one of the download links below

SharpApp (from this site) | SharpApp (from GitHub)

Optional downloads

Marketplace for custom scripts | Icons for Media

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